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"Back to Normal" 

What are we returning to? 

Evocations Review's Winter 2022 Creative Nonfiction Contest is on the theme of “Back to Normal.” It is a phrase we have heard a lot lately in relation to the possibility of returning to a pre-Covid lifestyle. However, we have been so altered by the past 18 months, is the notion of return simply nonsensical? And if so, in what ways?

We ask you to examine your life and identity in relation to ideas of returning to a prior time to examine the concept of “norms.” What does returning to normal mean to you, and for your life? Does it invoke the personal, communal, political, social, or economic to you? The topic is intended as a launch pad, and could address ideas of convention, the ordinary, dramatic change, disruption or anything along those lines more broadly.

I am honored to introduce our guest judge, ANNIE PALMER. Annie grew up in a small, sleepy New England town. Most of her entertainment came from reading and writing poetry about the nature surrounding her. As she grew up, she focused her writing mainly on the experiences of becoming a budding feminist and queer femme within and outside the constraints of her family’s conservative religious views.

Annie received her M.Ed. in Community Arts in 2015 from Lesley University. Her thesis was centered around research on sexual violence and claiming identity as a young womyn on co-ed college campuses, which resulted in a poetry workshop for womyn.

Since then, she has written and performed spoken word and nonfiction around the Greater Boston area. She is now a business coach and freelance copywriter based out of Providence, RI. She is honored to be judging the second Evocations Creative Nonfiction Contest.

She is primarily looking for pieces that represent diverse experiences of the pandemic amidst the backdrop of a Presidency and social crises that sparked international conversation. She would love to feel grounded as a reader in the writer’s emotions and thoughts, successfully creating empathy despite differences in experiences.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Pieces under 2,000 words
  • Entry fee $10
  • 1 Winner receives $200, publication, and judge feedback
  • 2 runner ups receive publication
  • Deadline: December 15, 2021

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.